Anonymous asked:

Who are you supporting for the liberal leadership? Why? Sorry if you don't wanna answer and the question's too invasive

Hey there, ducky!

So sorry it took like a million and a half years to respond to this question but I just wanted to make sure I had the time to properly give this question the answer it deserves. 

So, let me preface that starting at an early age in my life, I became a fangirl of Justin Trudeau. I loved that he was a teacher and that he became an MP for his riding. When he first announced he was going to run for liberal leadership I was over the moon. 

And then I read attacks on his vision, and forced myself to put the pom poms down to really see what I was cheering for. As of this moment, much as I love JT, I see no visible platform with actual strategies on how to improve our nation. All I see is “we gotta take care of the middle class” - yeah Justin but how? What do you plan? What are you in favour of? What are you against? Until I see more info on this, my pom poms are going to stay down, but I will still like you as a person and think you’re hecka cute.

My knowledge of Martha Hall Findlay goes back four years when I first met her when she spoke for the University of Toronto’s Model Parliament in the OLA. She spoke clearly, succinctly, and made time to talk to students and took our opinions (however legitimate they were) seriously - every single one of them. I haven’t heard too much about her in the news as of late, but, right now I am cheering for her, but she’s not in the number one spot just yet.

After the fall of JT obsessionism, I fell hard for the recently withdrawn Marc Garneau who was everything I saw as awesome for the liberal party. An engineer, an intelligent being, someone well-articuated and who smacked of great leadership. It is a sad, sad, thing to know that enough people did not support him when he could have been a bright shining beacon in our muddle red cloud of liberal leadership.

Martin Cauchon pulls at my heart strings a little bit, and he’s my number two man right now. He has put forward actual action plans on his website and in the media, his plans are sound (that is to say, he does not promise the moon, but what he promises will positively affect our nation and could possibly snowball into something wonderful). 

Karen MacCrimmon, a woman I have immense respect for, I have not heard enough about. From what I gather she has huge support for the vets (and rightly so) and that’s a major part of her platform. Given her background, it makes total sense. But I see her more as a defender of certain projects than a liberal leader at this moment. I’d love to see her as a cabinet minister or Minister of Defence. 

Deborah Coyne is an interesting character. Something just isn’t right. I don’t know if it’s the fact she doesn’t seem as enthusiastic as other candidates, but she reminds me of the reason why Canada (wrongly) hated on Stephane Dion and why Michael Ignatieff didn’t win leadership - there’s a pompousness in her voice that comes from her academic background that makes me think she won’t be able to reach out to all constituents. Her platform reminds me of Pierre Trudeau’s despite her main work being in the Mulroney government, and I wasn’t a fan of the Meech Lake Accords (which failed anyways). 

Which brings us to the last running candidate, and who I am putting my first vote for - Joyce Murray. Joyce Murray starts her self and her platform from the ground up (literally) has focuses and platforms that are relevant to the nation, and has an extensive background with great foreign policy and environmental policies. She’s strong, she’s a leader, and I would love to work for her someday either through her reforestation company or in her privy council (should she one day become PM).

Is this a good enough answer for you? Let me know :)

With love and hope,

Blurty Girl